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Atlanta Theft Attorney

Defending Those Charged with Theft Crimes throughout Atlanta

Theft crimes range from misdemeanor shoplifting of items valued at less than $300 to armed robbery. If you are facing a theft charge in the Atlanta area, we advise you to contact the Savoy Law Firm as soon as possible to speak with our Atlanta criminal defense attorney about your case. After reviewing your situation, he can advise you on what you are up against and how best to proceed in your defense. With more than a decade working in criminal defense, he has the legal skills and knowhow to help you fight charges and achieve the most favorable result possible.

Georgia Theft Crimes

Theft crimes include shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft, carjacking, grand theft auto, identity theft, credit card theft, burglary, and robbery. How you are charged in a theft crime will be based on the amount or value of the goods stolen and other relevant facts. Under Georgia law, petty theft is considered to be items valued at below $300 while grand theft is stolen items valued above $300.

In any theft charge, whenever a weapon has been used to threaten and force a victim, the charges and consequences are much more serious. Our attorney has considerable experience in defending armed robbery, burglary, theft by taking, and financial transaction card theft.

Let an Experienced Atlanta Theft Lawyer Help You

Having a theft conviction on your record can seriously impact your life in the most negative way. Such a conviction can detract from future employment or job advancement. Even a future landlord may be reluctant to rent to you when a theft conviction shows up on a routine background check. Because of this effect on your future, as well as possible jail or prison time, heavy fines, court costs, restitution to victims, probation, and possible other penalties, you will need an aggressive and dedicated attorney working on your behalf. Many possible defenses can be put forth and your attorney can work to get charges reduced and penalties minimized.

Contact the Atlanta theft lawyer at the firm if you have been charged with a theft crime today.

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