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Atlanta Traffic Violation Attorney

Need to defend yourself in a speeding or other traffic ticket?

If you are facing a traffic violation in the Atlanta area, you have a choice in how you handle it. By automatically paying the fine, you are essentially pleading guilty. You can, however, fight the charges; this is your constitutional right. At the Savoy Law Firm, our Atlanta criminal defense attorney has been defending clients in all types of speeding and other traffic violations for more than a decade. We defend Super Speeders as well as underage speeding cases and will fight to save your license in any traffic case.

Speeding and Other Traffic Violations

The Georgia Super Speeder law went into effect on January 1, 2010. This law adds an additional $200 state fee to anyone convicted of super speeding, which is defined as driving 75 mph or more on a two lane road or at 85 mph or more on any Georgia road. This fine is in addition to other fines connected with the speeding offense that are levied locally. Failure to pay the state fine within 90 days after receiving notification will result in a driver's license suspension. A speeding conviction will also result in points added to your driving record in miles per hour over the posted limit as follows:

  • 15 - 19 mph: 2 points
  • 19 -24 mph: 3 points
  • 24 - 34 mph: 4 points
  • More than 34 mph: 6 points

Most other moving violations, such as running a stop sign or traffic signal, will result in 3 points on your record. Reckless driving will result in 4 points. If you accumulate 15 or more points within a 2 year period, your license may be suspended. For drivers under the age of 21, you can lose your license for one 4 point offense that results in a conviction.

Contact the Atlanta traffic violation lawyer at the firm to fight your traffic ticket today.

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